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    Licensed & Insured Home Improvement Contractor
    Licensed & Insured Home Improvement Contractor

Steel & Wood Framing Installation Services

Cordon Construction provides Steel and Wood Framing installation services for residential and commercial new construction or remodeling projects. We offer efficient planning ideas for your structure, whether it is a new building or one already existing.

Wood Framing Construction or Remodeling Services

Wood frame construction is one of the most widely used methods to build residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Cordon Construction provides wood framing installation services for new construction, home additions, and remodeling projects in Fairfield County, CT and beyond! We will work closely with you through each phase of your new construction or remodeling project, from the initial planning, through the day-to-day work, then on to a successful completion. Our licensed, bonded, and insured framing contractors have the expertise to precisely measure and install your framing for long-lasting results.

Steel Framing Construction or Remodeling Services

Steel framing used for new construction or remodeling projects are constructed utilizing thin, light and durable steel which is more cost-effective to assemble, compared to using wood framing. Steel frame structures have gained popularity in recent years in the construction industry because using steel framing does not limit you to selecting a floorplan that is pre-set. You can customize your steel construction or remodeling project with a layout that best suites your requirements. Cordon Construction has a great deal of experience in the use of steel in residential and commercial building construction and is able to accurately work with the building plans used in steel frame construction.

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